"Plant" is a character costume in the StrikeForce Kitty series, based on Bulbasaur from the Pokémon franchise.

StrikeForce Kitty 2


The fox cosplaying as "Plant" can be found on level 7 with "Electro-rat" near the end of the level. The set can be obtained by defeating the fox multiple times or using lottery tickets.

The set has two pieces and consists of: Bulbasaur's head, and the rest of its body. "Plant" does SK2ranged ranged damage (projectile is invisible) and its ability is after a level is completed, 20% of the fish gathered in the level is added to the final total fish count.

Part Effect Image
Head 8 speed, 6 health
Torso 6 health, 6 strength
Weapon none

"Monster level 2"

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StrikeForce Kitty: Last Stand

SKLS Bulbasaur

"Plant" in Last Stand

"Plant", or Bulbasaur, is a cosplay obtainable by defeating raccoons in StrikeForce Kitty: Last Stand, look in the pages categorized in "Ranged"; unlike in StrikeForce Kitty 2, here the projectile is no longer invisible.

StrikeForce Kitty League

The "Plant"/Bulbasaur cosplay appears by chance in the main menu of StrikeForce Kitty League, worn by either the cat or the raccoon who are fighting in an "arena". This cosplay cannot be obtained in gameplay, however.

StrikeForce Kitty (Steam version)


SFK Slowpoke

"Plant" in Steam version (before update)

SFK Plant+

"Plant" in Steam version (after update)

The fox cosplaying as "Plant" can be found on level 2 near the start of the level. Completing the cosplay set unlocks the passive TRAPS skill and its active ability. "Plant" still does ranged damage.

A notable change to this cosplay is that it is more greener than in the previous StrikeForce Kitty games and the bulb is now behind the cat's tail. After the April 2019 update, the head part has been remade to hardly resemble the Pokémon; its color is now the same with the previous StrikeForce Kitty games and the eyes are replaced with a leaf to indicate that Bulbasaur is a Grass-type.

"Plant" is part of Freakmon.

Part Effect Image
Head 2 speed, 13 health
Torso 20 health, 3 strength
Weapon None

"Monster level 2"

Main article: "Monster level 2"

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