"Starfish" is a character costume in the StrikeForce Kitty series, based on Patrick Star from the Nickelodeon cartoon series SpongeBob SquarePants.

StrikeForce Kitty 2

The fox wearing the "Starfish" costume can be found on level 14 with "Sponge" halfway through the level. The costume can be obtained by defeating the fox multiple times or using lottery tickets.

The costume set consists of Patrick's head, body and pants, and hammer. "Starfish" does SK2melee melee damage and its ability is that each fish collected heals 2 points of health to your kittens.

Part Effect Image
Head 6 speed, 6 health
Torso 10 health, 11 strength
Weapon 15 strength, 6 speed

StrikeForce Kitty: Last Stand

SKLS Patrick

Patrick or "Starfish" in Last Stand

"Starfish" or Patrick is one of the costumes in StrikeForce Kitty: Last Stand. It can be obtained by defeating a raccoon with the same costume. Once successfully obtained, it can be found on the pages of the SKLS Melee "Melee" category.

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