StrikeForce Kitty is a side-scrolling game in which you have to gather costumes and defeat the Foxking and rescue the cat princess.

You can play the game here:

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Fish countEdit

  • Yellow - 1 fish
  • Light yellow- 5 fishes
  • Blue - 10 fishes
  • Green - 20 fishes
  • Purple - 30 fishes
  • Red - 50 fishes

Note: The light yellow-colored fish is dropped by a defeated fox in the first level, while the green-colored in third, and the purple in the fourth.

Milk countEdit

  • Milk bottle - 5 seconds
  • Milk carton - 10 seconds

Keys and ChestsEdit

A key sometimes appear on one of the levels, each appearance is different by the level your cats run on.

After a run, if you get key(s), you will be directed to the chests interface where you can use the key(s) to open chest(s). Chests have a chance to have a piece of a costume inside added to your collection, or it's empty.


Rock:10 damage

Spikes: 5 damage



Foxzilla can shoot out a big beam of purple light to attack you. This attack does 2 damage every time it hits you, which is about 2 times a second.


Foxbazer will shoot out two fireballs, the first one does 3 damage and the other does 1 damage. After defeating him his ghost exits his body. If you re-enter the next area Foxbazer's ghost will chase you, insta-killing your team after catching up to you. If you enter area 3 right after beating him, his ghost won't follow you.


The Prison is a building you get trapped in and you have to deal with 8 foxes with ranged weapons and you have to hit the exit door until it breaks and escape.

Fox KingEdit

You first have to defeat 32 foxes, with costumes from all levels in groups of 4 but they have an attack level of 2. They have a life of about 20 each. After that you have to defeat the Fox King who has a life of 250.

Costumes listEdit

Main article: StrikeForce Kitty/Costumes


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