StrikeForce Kitty League is the fourth installment of the StrikeForce Kitty series, with a new game system and more new costumes.

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In StrikeForce Kitty League, your objective is to manage a group of cats/kittens in training to reach the top of the league. Your cats are challenging foxes and raccoons also wearing costumes. Costumes can be bought or received from losing teams. Costume abilities range from devastating blows to attacking all team members. Fighting in tournaments gives you fish, which you can upgrade your training equipment or buy new costumes from the store.

There are 80 costumes to collect.

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You begin at the StrikeForce League Grand Final, with a four-cat team undoubtedly named "StrikeForce Kitty" fighting against the "Dark Force Raccoons", a four-raccoon team wearing costumes representing antagonists from fighting video games. You will be directed how to activate costume abilities. Unfortunately, they are not enough to defeat them, so the cats get defeated easily.

Then comes a new group of cats. You will give them a team name as well as the names of the four kittens. You are guided how to increase the statistics of the kittens using the equipment, to use the gong, and to purchase and equip costumes. Later on, you will be guided how to upgrade your equipment to improve your kittens' statistics faster.


The training help us to defeat the fox or the racoons. We can make our speed fast. Power powerful and make more health.


Your strategy depends on your training, costumes, and the timing to use your abilities.

Champions League

If you win a division, you will enter the Champions League, where you challenge the winners of the other divisions and have a shot of winning the Super Cup.


The Referee cat will pick the order of the semi-final fights. Your opposing team will be stronger or weaker depending on the division you won. If you won the Anchovy Division, though, you have a likely chance of being defeated, so training and costume selections are critical if you want to try winning at your own risk.


If you defeated the semi-final team, you will face the winner of the other semi-final team. Again, they will be either stronger or weaker than yours or the team you fought. the fight is a winner!

Grand Final

If you defeated the team on the final, you now have the opportunity to face the Dark Force Raccoons, the ones who defeated the "StrikeForce Kitty" team at the beginning of the game and your final obstacle of winning the Super Cup.

If you defeat the Dark Force Raccoons, you have won the Super Cup and beaten the game (at a point). After that you can continue playing and try to collect all the costumes or maximize your upgrades of your equipment.


Fish can be spent on upgrades, to spend them click the "Shop" (barbell icon) on the main screen. A SKL ! icon means you have enough fishes to spend on an upgrade.

Heavy bag

"Improve your attack power training"

The "heavy bag" allows your cats to improve their strength. The better the equipment, the lesser time your cats can level up their strength by 1. Strength allows your cats to deal more damage to opponents. The base damage is 10.

Upgrade costs for Heavy Bag:

  • Tier 1: start
  • Tier 2: 200 fishes
  • Tier 3: 320 fishes
  • Tier 4: 512 fishes
  • Tier 5: 819 fishes
  • Tier 6: 1310 fishes
  • Tier 7: 2906 fishes
  • MAX Level: 3353 fishes (as seen on upgrade, cannot spend)


"Improve your vitality training"

The "barbell" also allows your cats to improve their strength. The better the equipment, the lesser time your cats can level up their health points by 1. More health points means your cats can survive longer in fights. The base health points is 50.

Upgrade costs and tiers are the same with the Heavy Bag.


"Improve your speed training and ability"

The "treadmill" also allows your cats to improve their speed. The better the equipment, the lesser time your cats can level up their speed points by 1. Speed allows your cats to recover earlier after attacking an opponent and reduces the cooldown time for costume abilities. The base speed point is 1.

Upgrade costs and tiers are the same with the Heavy Bag.


SKL Nutrition
"Increase the energy recovery rate"

Upgrading the cat chef allows your cats to recover their health between fights faster.

  • Tier 1: start
  • Tier 2: 400 fishes
  • Tier 3: 1000 fishes
  • Tier 4: 2500 fishes
  • Tier 5: 6250 fishes
  • MAX Level: 15625 fishes (as seen on upgrade, cannot spend)


SKL Healing
"Increase the injury recovery rate"

Upgrading the cat nurse reduces the time your cats to heal their injuries caused by opponents. Opponents have a small chance to cause an injury to your cats.

  • Tier 1: start
  • Tier 2: 300 fishes
  • Tier 3: 750 fishes
  • MAX Level: 1875 fishes (as seen on upgrade, cannot spend)

League teams (spoilers)

Names of these teams are references to either a European football club, or a team in the National Basketball Association (NBA), with the exception of "Raccoonami". This is the order of teams you kittens will be fighting in the specified division. Team names, followed by costumes worn (see Costumes References, below)

Anchovy Division

Raccoonston Rockets (Bronze 1-4)
Galafoxsaray (Bronze 5-8)
Raccoonami (Bronze 9-12)
Foxy 04 (Bronze 13-16)
Raccoonadelphia 76ers (Bronze 17-20)

References: Houston Rockets (NBA), Galatasaray (football club), Toonami (a primetime segment of Cartoon Network), Schalke 04 (football club), Philadelphia 76ers (NBA)

Flounder Division

Foxchester United (Bronze 21-24)
Golden Raccoon Warriors (Bronze 25-28)
aFax (Bronze 29-32)
New Raccoon Knicks (Bronze 33-35, Silver 1)
Real Fox (Silver 2-5)

References: Manchester United (football club), Golden State Warriors (NBA), Ajax (football club), New York Knicks (NBA), Real Madrid (football club)

Trout Division

Raccoon Pistons (Silver 6-9)
Fox Saint Germain (Silver 10-13)
Raccoon Bulls (Silver 14-17)
FSV (Silver 18-21)
LA Raccoons (Silver 22-25)

References: Detroit Pistons (NBA), Paris Saint-Germain (football club), Chicago Bulls (NBA), PSV (football club), LA Clippers/Lakers (both NBA)

Shark Division

Foxencia (Silver 26-29)
San Raccoon Spurs (Silver 30-31, Gold 1-2)
Baer Leverfox (Gold 3-6)
Raccoon Celtics (Gold 7-10)
Internazionale Foxano (Gold 11-14)

References: Valencia (football club), San Antonio Spurs (NBA), Bayer Leverkusen (football club), Boston Celtics (NBA), Internazionale Milano (football club)

Costume references

Note: some characters have links to their proper Wikia article in their media.


Page 1

Page 2

Page 3


Page 1

Page 2

Page 3


Page 1

Page 2

Note: These are the costumes of the Dark Force Raccoons. Previously, there was no way to unlock these last four costumes of the Gold category until a later update.

  • Shao Kahn from Mortal Kombat; "Forward - in a wink"
  • Ogre from Tekken; "Curse - time of action 10.0s"
  • Gouken from Street Fighter; "Death ray - power 45"
  • Toneri Ōtsutsuki from Naruto; "Team armor - time of armor 11.3s"




For example: Dixie Kong/"Macaque girl" or any other costume(s) from StrikeForce Kitty 2 and Last Stand can be found worn by either kitten, raccoon, or both in the menu alongside costumes found in League

  • During matches, spectators in the audience usually wear headgear, wigs, bowties, glasses, and others, some that are carried from the previous StrikeForce Kitty games.
  • In the main menu screen, the kitten and raccoon fighting each other are usually wearing costumes that are carried from the previous StrikeForce Kitty series...
  • ...with some new ones never seen from said games:
  • The Uncle Sam costume as seen in the arena is revealed to be the "Meatman" costume in the Steam version of StrikeForce Kitty, while the athletic gear and clothes can be seen worn by the cats on the training room.
  • It is unknown whether "Silver #30" is separate or a remake from the already existing "Flamefox" from StrikeForce Kitty 2 and Last Stand, because the latter exists as a cosplay in the main menu screen, but not obtainable in the game.


SKL gamebreaker

The game is broken!

  • An error, when you face the Dark Force Raccoons, you are fighting in the "StrikeForce League Grand Final", rather than the "Champions League Grand Final" as appeared in the newspaper the week before.
  • There is currently a game-breaking glitch that has not been fixed. First, exit the "Training", then reset your progress by clicking on the trash can. Click the play button, and the "StrikeForce Kitty" team appears fighting dummies. Exit the "training" again, then the costume tutorial continues, breaking the game. There are multiple sprites flashing (costumes, cats, raccoons, foxes, etc.). You cannot click anything helpful, and therefore the page needs to be refreshed to actually reset the game.
  • The game does not continue through the Tutorial when playing on Microsft Edge.

Gameplay videos

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